Recognize that the biggest threat to good decision making is harmful emotions, and decision making is a two step process (first learning and then deciding). I am listing all factors that for me were the most crucial ones in my fitness journey. Be it in my personal life and in my fitness journey.

To start with, there is some real self work to do prior embarking on a health and fitness Journey. I would ask you when was your last time that you sat down and took meaningful time to analyze your life and identify weaknesses that you can start to work on to better yourself?

As this is one of the most vital processes in life. Our life is not controlled by our conditions but it’s our decisions that control our life. Decide now what you can do now to get excited! Take meaningful time on a weekly basis to do rethinking exercises and challenging your schedule. Schedule these exercises and make goals for yourself. Thinks that you get scheduled are things that you get done. Vague goals lead to vague results. All this can only be possible if you follow through Self discipline. But let me explain below first what I mean by self discipline as many people are not very familiar with this word. Or rather, many think that they are, but they are not, because they do not execute self discipline. If you are not executing what you know so I ask you to consider and ask yourself if you really know as for me you still do not know if you are not executing.
“Knowledge without execution is ignorance”

The important point about the virtue of self discipline is that it must be voluntarily embraced. When discipline is imposed from the outside, it is very rarely effective and sometimes can even be counterproductive. On the other hand, if we adopt self regulation voluntarily, out of appreciation of its value and the benefits of refraining from bad habits, it is only natural for us to undertake it with greater determination. This in turn makes our self discipline more enduring.