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How to make fitness an enjoyable lifestyle

Lifestyle in simple terms is what we do with our life every single day. With every single decision we take
everyday indirectly or directly we effect our lifestyle. It is easy to end up living a life which you do not want to live or you never imagined yourself that you would have allowed yourself to find yourself in. This all happens due to our decisions. Decisions form our lifestyle. These can differ from the most complicated emotional decision to the simplest basic decision such as why you are here.

Charachter and self discipline contribute a lot into our lifestyle. This makes us all different and different
people having different lifestyles. We are what we think to be right?
Well so how come a lot of people end up living a life that they do not really want to live and do a things which they do not want to do? For example people who everyday wake up sad because they do not like their job. Others who work a lot of extra hours to buy things to please people who do not like and more. I am sure you know what I mean as this is very common. This might is already happening to you or to someone you know right?
Life is very simple and easy but we human beings like to complicated a lot and when I am saying a lot it
means a lot take for instance how many passwords we have to remember in our lif nowadays or to take 3
days leave (time from your own life)…

In my opinion lifestyle starts from the state of the mind and body. Not body and then mind but mind first. You can never and ever have a sound body without a sound mind and that’s why lifestyle is so important. Your lifestyle determines your state of mind and your state of mind determines your body and your body determines your HEALTH which is the only thing that you really own in this world.
Sometimes I hear people complaining and moaning about a lot of things that they do not want to do but still they keep doing in order to achieve something they want. For example there are people who hate going at the gym and train surrounded by a lot of people, occupied machines, staying in traffic till they get to the gym and so on… But keep doing this to keep fit and healthy which is contradictory in the first place as this is stressing the mind to try to improve the body, strange right?
fitness coach

YOU CANNOT HAVE A GOOD FUTURE WITH A GOOD PRESENT. You cannot expect to have good results with a negative approach. You need to listen to yourself and be realistic.

If you do not enjoy going to the gym and working out to keep fit and healthy then it’s simple DON’T. There are million ways one can incorporate training with his particular lifestyle. A well combination of combined activities and nutrition can get amazing results with a good state of mind. To have a good state of mind is 70% of the equation into getting fit and healthy, what remains would be a tailor made nutrition and physical activity plan and stick to it.
Only by enjoying what you do you can be good at what you do. Learn to find or let someone help you in finding what you enjoy to do to make your training more enjoyable to maintain your fitness in good state in the long term.
Give more value to yourself … Improve your health and never take it for granted like what probably you are
doing right now!