One word which will change your life

One word can change your life.

I started my Journey when I joined the Army. This was in 2004. I immediately noticed the huge impact that the strength of the connection of our mind with our body has on our life in general.

We are what we tolerate ; whether one’s talking about work relationships or Physical health and fitness. This boils down to one word and it’s DISCIPLINE. 

Only when we raise our standards and our tolerance levels through discipline we can progress and get better in our life. Those who know me well know that I am always in search for the best and most advanced techniques and approaches. This is what helps me transform my clients both physically and mentally. Self Discipline is always one of the main contributor to the equation. This is very evident now, as it’s been nearly more than 14 years now that I am into this and cannot emphasise enough about the power of self discipline as witness of some incredible transformations in people’s life through self discipline.

Without knowing, you might be just one idea, a bit of more focus or some energy away to achieve the level of success that you truly deserve. Everyday stand guard at the door of your mind so you do not confuse movement with progress.

If you feel that you are not where you want to be or want to raise your standards. Then I urge you to give the opportunity to yourself to get better and to reach your full potential. Feel more confident and BE FIT WITH A PURPOSE.

It’s not our conditions, it’s our decisions that control our life. Give the opportunity to yourself to live the best hours of your best days of your life as you truly deserve.

Live at your maximum performance and the best of your abilities. Decide now what you can do now to get excited.


Mind like a Muscle

The mind is like a muscle. Learning new things everyday on topics that expand your mind and develop your skills and improve your health.

Every day is a new opportunity to bet better. To make better choices, which will in time make it a better life. Every day is a new opportunity to take responsibility for our actions, to ask yourself honestly, can I do better?

So you might ask from where should I start? I suggest to start to improve yourself first. Be it your body and be it your mind.

Exercise in relation to Emotional Health

People who have good emotional health are aware for their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They have learned healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life.

However many things that happen in your life can disrupt your emotional health. These can lead to strong feeling of sadness, stress or anxiety. Even good or worked changes can be as stressful as unwanted changes. These things include:

Being laid of a job.

Getting divorced or married.

Suffering an illness or an injury.

Experiencing money problems.

Dealing with death of a loved one.

Having or adopting a baby.

If you are running a successful business with high expectations.

The body responds to the way you think, feel and act mind/ body connection.

Improve! Change! Deeply understand the very root of your emotions and understand why you are having them. The mind is the weakest part to start with.

Exercise promotes all kinds of changes in the brain, including neural growth, reduced inflammation and new activity patterns that promote feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Develop a strong mind and you will develop a strong life. A strong mind is built from feeding it with positive thoughts and learning new things every day, not every now and then, not for a little while. Every single day. A strong mind is built with daily gratitude. When you are grateful for everything you do have you have no room for negativity. No room for anxiety. A strong mind is built with goals. Goals that give you reason to get out of bed and attack the day.

A strong mind is knowing that you are responsible for your life, your results, your success and your failures. A strong mind is built with learning. Learning new things everyday on topics that expand your mind and develop your skills. GROWTH is the key to life. If you are growing and challenging yourself every day you will lead a happy life. If you are not, you will suffer. THE MIND IS LIKE A MUSCLE. It gets stronger when you embrace challenges, when you push it to the limits, When you learn what works and apply that to your life. A strong mind is one that surrounds itself with the right people.

Reflect deeply set clear goals, make a plan and execute.


Inspiration or Desperation

What is your reason ?

There are people who do manage to make a change and others who don’t. Failure is not an overnight experience and neither is success. Failure is the result of failing to make the calls, failing to seek advice, failure to follow through, failure to give 100%, that’s what creates failure. Success is also one step at a time, it is successfully making the call, it is successfully getting yourself up and follow through, It is successfully breaking the limits that used to stop you. It is all of a culmination of all those little successes that eventually creates room for CHANGE in your HEALTH.

I am here to tell you that if you do it everyday and focus you will improve and you will get better!

Most of us focus on ” How I cannot lose fat!?” “How come this is not working!?” If you focus on that enough it is exactly what will happen. It is all about our behaviour.

You may wonder what drove me to to study people’s behaviour to this level of depth. A lot of people ask me how you got into this Fitness and Human Behaviour. For me this is a very effective combination which helps me and my clients achieving amazing Changes and so many successful stories.

My response usually is the same that drives all of us to succeed in any experience of our life, either inspiration or desperation. For me was more desperation. I grew up in an environment I did not like and it started back as far I was in primary school for me. I remember looking around and be dissatisfied. By the way if you are dissatisfied in you health, physical appearance or even in any area of your life, instead of being frustrated, get excited.

I got to tell you something, until you are dissatisfied you do not do anything that that would take your health/ life in another level. Dissatisfaction is a game changer. If you are satisfied you are going to take a comfortable position and then your health will start to deteriorate.

I saw my father working extremely hard in the quarry for 60 to 70 hours a week and most of the time he was in pain and not taking care of his health. I could not understand why! It drove enough pain in me that I promised myself that it would not happen to me. I made it a point to help people in that situation who are so focused or entertained with all what’s going on in life and forgetting about their health. So I do not want only to help myself but also people around me.


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Workouts or meal plans – what is more important?

This is one of the most common questions in fitness apart the other “How long it will take till I get fit and lose all fat?”

The first question is like with what I can do a good painting with good colours or with a good paper
and the second question is like how long it will take to build a house I would ask what kind of house do you
want to build ? Are the foundations ready ? Do you want it finished? How long are we going to work on this
house, is it 6 days a week or 3 days a week and so many other questions…. So understand that these are not straight forward questions which can be answered there and then with a one liner sentence, as expected by a lot of people.

So let’s make it more clear. There are different forms and structures of Workouts for different specific desired results such as muscle building workouts, stamina workouts, strength and power workouts, fat loss and shape workouts and more. This all boils down to the goal one is working for. Now let’s take, for example, someone who wants to lose fat which his workouts will be focused to burn calories as the fat loss process consists in creating a controlled and monitored caloric deficit. To lose fat you need to have less calories than you actually need so when the body recognises this it starts to consume it’s fat storage and thus lose fat.

So by fat loss workouts, one can lose fat through the process of calorie expenditure. Nutrition plays a very important role because we are what and how many we eat plain and simple.

There are different specific nutrition approaches according to specific goals, such as muscle building, performance, stamina, fat loss etc. as you might already notice this is similar to workouts it needs to be combined according to the desired goal.

The more good the combination the better the result. Now let’s keep the same example of training for fat loss. Here nutrition is crucial because it is useless to try to lose fat and still consuming enough calories that your body needs and is not turned into a caloric deficit mode (catabolic mode) to lose fat.
Here it comes pretty obvious that the more nutrition and workout is combined well together, both focused for the same goal, one practically cannot fail in getting good results. If not it becomes contradictory or else there will be a conflict.

To be even more clearer let’s say there is someone who wants to lose fat and he is working out for an hour a day, six days a week, which is quite a lot for someone who just needs to lose fat. So this individual is training fatloss workouts but is not taking care of his nutrition and is still eating how he used to eat before. ONE CANNOT OVERTRAIN FOOD.

Most probably what would happen is he will not continue to get any fatter, but he will not lose fat neither. Because by not reducing his calorie intake and creating a caloric deficit one cannot lose fat.

So I am bound to tell you that both are equally important. If I still had to choose one I would say nutrition
is slightly more important than training.


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How to make fitness an enjoyable lifestyle

Lifestyle in simple terms is what we do with our life every single day. With every single decision we take
everyday indirectly or directly we effect our lifestyle. It is easy to end up living a life which you do not want to live or you never imagined yourself that you would have allowed yourself to find yourself in. This all happens due to our decisions. Decisions form our lifestyle. These can differ from the most complicated emotional decision to the simplest basic decision such as why you are here.

Charachter and self discipline contribute a lot into our lifestyle. This makes us all different and different
people having different lifestyles. We are what we think to be right?
Well so how come a lot of people end up living a life that they do not really want to live and do a things which they do not want to do? For example people who everyday wake up sad because they do not like their job. Others who work a lot of extra hours to buy things to please people who do not like and more. I am sure you know what I mean as this is very common. This might is already happening to you or to someone you know right?
Life is very simple and easy but we human beings like to complicated a lot and when I am saying a lot it
means a lot take for instance how many passwords we have to remember in our lif nowadays or to take 3
days leave (time from your own life)…

In my opinion lifestyle starts from the state of the mind and body. Not body and then mind but mind first. You can never and ever have a sound body without a sound mind and that’s why lifestyle is so important. Your lifestyle determines your state of mind and your state of mind determines your body and your body determines your HEALTH which is the only thing that you really own in this world.
Sometimes I hear people complaining and moaning about a lot of things that they do not want to do but still they keep doing in order to achieve something they want. For example there are people who hate going at the gym and train surrounded by a lot of people, occupied machines, staying in traffic till they get to the gym and so on… But keep doing this to keep fit and healthy which is contradictory in the first place as this is stressing the mind to try to improve the body, strange right?
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YOU CANNOT HAVE A GOOD FUTURE WITH A GOOD PRESENT. You cannot expect to have good results with a negative approach. You need to listen to yourself and be realistic.

If you do not enjoy going to the gym and working out to keep fit and healthy then it’s simple DON’T. There are million ways one can incorporate training with his particular lifestyle. A well combination of combined activities and nutrition can get amazing results with a good state of mind. To have a good state of mind is 70% of the equation into getting fit and healthy, what remains would be a tailor made nutrition and physical activity plan and stick to it.
Only by enjoying what you do you can be good at what you do. Learn to find or let someone help you in finding what you enjoy to do to make your training more enjoyable to maintain your fitness in good state in the long term.
Give more value to yourself … Improve your health and never take it for granted like what probably you are
doing right now!


Mariano Farrugia

I expect to lose weight!

“ I expect to lose weight! “ This is what a so called frustrated client told Jake, one of my Trainers, this morning…

One need to really understand that to lose weight / fat is the most unnatural thing for the body. It’s do not get fat in the first place. In know this will sound negative for you but it`s the simple truth and I am honestly not intending to portray what people do want to hear like everyone is doing out there.

Here I want to make things clear and tackle Fat Loss in real terms with a real and holistic point of view

PEOPLE DON’T LOSE WEIGHT TO GET HEALTHY. THEY HAVE TO GET HEALTHY TO LOSE WEIGHT. IT’S GET HEALTHY FIRST AND THEN LOSE THE WEIGHT SECOND. Why ? Because your weight is the symptom, it’s not the cause. It’s the symptom of an unhealthy body. Losing weight, it is actually very unnatural to the body, your body doesn’t like to lose weight. It goes against its purpose to survive. So the weight is the tip of the iceberg. The real thing is something that is making you fat.

There are two main factors happening in the body which makes you fat and these are Hormonal changes, Insulin and lack of circulation.

In the coming Blog I will be tackling these subjects into detail so as everyone out there can be aware of what is happening in his/her body.Mariano Farrugia

The good thing is that with the progress happening in the fitness industry we are very well informed how to make our body healthier and how to lose fat and keep it at bay. Sadly this is not what the social media is portraying. Fitness in general is lacking self respect through social Media. This is my point of view as it is Fitness Models showcasing their abs all year round and portraying a lot of one size fits all approaches and a lot of unspoken truth.

Think. Make good choices and then take concrete actions.

Be accountable