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Workouts or meal plans – what is more important?

This is one of the most common questions in fitness apart the other “How long it will take till I get fit and lose all fat?”

The first question is like with what I can do a good painting with good colours or with a good paper
and the second question is like how long it will take to build a house I would ask what kind of house do you
want to build ? Are the foundations ready ? Do you want it finished? How long are we going to work on this
house, is it 6 days a week or 3 days a week and so many other questions…. So understand that these are not straight forward questions which can be answered there and then with a one liner sentence, as expected by a lot of people.

So let’s make it more clear. There are different forms and structures of Workouts for different specific desired results such as muscle building workouts, stamina workouts, strength and power workouts, fat loss and shape workouts and more. This all boils down to the goal one is working for. Now let’s take, for example, someone who wants to lose fat which his workouts will be focused to burn calories as the fat loss process consists in creating a controlled and monitored caloric deficit. To lose fat you need to have less calories than you actually need so when the body recognises this it starts to consume it’s fat storage and thus lose fat.

So by fat loss workouts, one can lose fat through the process of calorie expenditure. Nutrition plays a very important role because we are what and how many we eat plain and simple.

There are different specific nutrition approaches according to specific goals, such as muscle building, performance, stamina, fat loss etc. as you might already notice this is similar to workouts it needs to be combined according to the desired goal.

The more good the combination the better the result. Now let’s keep the same example of training for fat loss. Here nutrition is crucial because it is useless to try to lose fat and still consuming enough calories that your body needs and is not turned into a caloric deficit mode (catabolic mode) to lose fat.
Here it comes pretty obvious that the more nutrition and workout is combined well together, both focused for the same goal, one practically cannot fail in getting good results. If not it becomes contradictory or else there will be a conflict.

To be even more clearer let’s say there is someone who wants to lose fat and he is working out for an hour a day, six days a week, which is quite a lot for someone who just needs to lose fat. So this individual is training fatloss workouts but is not taking care of his nutrition and is still eating how he used to eat before. ONE CANNOT OVERTRAIN FOOD.

Most probably what would happen is he will not continue to get any fatter, but he will not lose fat neither. Because by not reducing his calorie intake and creating a caloric deficit one cannot lose fat.

So I am bound to tell you that both are equally important. If I still had to choose one I would say nutrition
is slightly more important than training.



Hormones – Here is what people don’t realize

Here comes the real thing which I promised you that I will discuss in my previous Blog Post.

Hormone is the reason that is holding down your metabolism.

We have two sets of hormones:
Hormones that make you gain weight and hormones that help you lose weight.
Most mainstream advices focus on the CALORIES but they ignore the Hormone Triggers.
Instead they try to stimulate the metabolism, they try to give you appetite suppressant (Fat Burners), they try to show you that there is some type of trick to trick the metabolism or to instigate your metabolism through some type of exercise. That is never going to work in the long term.

Mariano Gym

I am going to show you the secret in my next blog post…

special occasions

Pause button for special occasions

Many clients are asking me how to maintain their weight loss programme while they are attending some special occasion, like a wedding, BBQ party or when they are traveling for more than a few days.

pause button “I`m always saying – pausing your weight-loss journey for a special occasion is totally OK!  The secret is to do it in a responsible way.”



My suggestion for special occasions food intake:

Learning to “live a little” without gaining weight is the main component of keeping the desired body shape, as well as the achieved results. Here are some hints:

  • keep eating by the given plan and try to stick to it as much as possible
  • keep track your food, as well as the drink intake – especially the alcoholic beverage
  • order the healthy choices from the menu – salads are a good choice because they have less calories
  • keep the meals light and put some effort in preparing the food “on the go”, etc.

But, what if you’re going to indulge in the occasional treat and eat more calories?

Soon you might find yourself thinking it’s not worth undoing several months of hard-work over the occasion, or vacation. When you are in the weight loss mode, keep motivating yourself and find the optimal way to balance out the food intake and you will be proud of yourself.

In case you are heading out on a two week family vacation, my answer is to switch to “maintenance” mode.  In other words, your goal switches from losing weight to simple not gaining weight.  Even if you return from your vacation with the scale +2kg of where you left, it is acceptable.

Find the balance and embrace the responsible lifestyle! You’ll find that you actually enjoy the special occasion and vacation more…

Send your thoughts and experiences on this topic, we are here to discuss.

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