Make the right decision

Keep this between you and yourself… How often did you promise yourself that you want to start taking care of your health, look and feel better? You are waiting for the right time in your life to start to take this seriously? You are waiting for motivation to present itself in front of you right?

It is never the right time and motivation is not coming to knock at your door.

It was never really at the top of your list. You never took yourself seriously. Maybe one day you will start, maybe. When you look in the mirror you feel that you do not look good and as you really wish or when you go up the stairs you feel that you are unfit and your body is not functioning well.

Your body is continuously imploring you and sending you endless signals to start taking care of it.

fitness coach“It” that’s what it will become, it. You are so detached from your body that you refer to your body by “it” not “yourself” . If you really are in harmony with yourself and you have your health at heart and you respect yourself you would never do what you are doing to yourself. Just make a decision, be accountable and understanding.

Stop trying to find excuses and leave procrastination behind.

consistency in training and dieting


Did you ever start training and dieting and after a week, 2 weeks or even a year you are just fed up, bored or you just don’t have time for it anymore? Well, every day I meet people from different walks of life and there is always an episode in their life which causes them to go off track. For me personally I love to train and workout but even so, I still struggle to find the time at the moment especially as I am very limited in time because of my busy schedule and personal life. Why am I mentioning this?

Stay on track

In my opinion this is the main problem which hinders a lot of us and keeps us from becoming fit and healthy. I am here to stay! This is what I tell myself every time I find myself in frustrating situations probably as a result of my lack of training. My take on this: I am not going to mention the same cheesy quotes now such as motivation, discipline etc etc as by now everyone knows this, but it seems that not everyone is able to work through challenging situations and still manage to stay on track. In life it is impossible to keep the same enthusiasm, rhythm and momentum with the same consistency throughout.

Time Management

This is why one has to plan, adapt and do his or her best with respect to time management as well as be considerate and always keep their priorities in mind. In my opinion health and fitness should be at the top of everyone’s priorities. This is because I believe that for as long as you can, everyone should take good care of himself as without good health it is impossible to enjoy other aspects of life. So do not worry if you do not have the time to train as you used to have before. Do not worry if the enthusiasm is not as great as it used to be! This is absolutely normal!

The important thing is that you always try and make the best out of every situation. So no matter what life throws at you, try and stick to eating strong and healthy food with moderate portions, monitor your social life and keep alcohol and all other unhealthy stuff away. Make a realistic and maintainable training plan and merge it with something you like to do. For example in my case I like to be in the countryside so I introduced outdoor cycling in my training plan. Life changes and so will your training and nutrition plans! The important thing is that you keep moving forward and closer towards your goals!