Make the right decision

Keep this between you and yourself… How often did you promise yourself that you want to start taking care of your health, look and feel better? You are waiting for the right time in your life to start to take this seriously? You are waiting for motivation to present itself in front of you right?

It is never the right time and motivation is not coming to knock at your door.

It was never really at the top of your list. You never took yourself seriously. Maybe one day you will start, maybe. When you look in the mirror you feel that you do not look good and as you really wish or when you go up the stairs you feel that you are unfit and your body is not functioning well.

Your body is continuously imploring you and sending you endless signals to start taking care of it.

fitness coach“It” that’s what it will become, it. You are so detached from your body that you refer to your body by “it” not “yourself” . If you really are in harmony with yourself and you have your health at heart and you respect yourself you would never do what you are doing to yourself. Just make a decision, be accountable and understanding.

Stop trying to find excuses and leave procrastination behind.

training transformation

Why is training not ‘your thing’?

There are a million different answers to the question “why is training not my thing?”, and maybe half of them could be considered valid BUT the other half or I dare to say a bit more are not valid especially when you dig deeper into the reason behind the answer. The most overly used excuse is “I do not have time!” The guy in the picture found time to save his life!

Yes, this is Joseph Formosa, a baker, busy running his own family business and after waking up at 4am to bake he goes out selling his products and after goes straight back to the bakery to clean and prepare for the next day. He does this day in day out. He was diagnosed with some serious health problems due to his unhealthy eating pattern and lifestyle. Instead of saying he had no time Joseph took serious steps to tackle his problem. This is what everyone should do. It is not enough to just decide to start. When you decide to make a change in order to maintain this change you need to have determination and motivation. In order to maintain your change in lifestyle you need guidance and support from experienced and reputable people in this field.

One needs to understand that to really change your body it is a skill like any other skill and no one was ever born knowing how it is done.

This is important because everyone has his own lifestyle, habits, character etc and this is my job to understand the needs and wants and help and assign plans which are adaptable to the individual as this is what it is all about. There is an approach for everyone so their fitness level can improve. Of course there are always a lot of ifs and buts BUT you have to start and start in the right way and do not waste time as everyday is an opportunity to regain or improve your health!

This is what Joseph did 3 years ago before he lost 40 kilos of fat and improving his health in a drastic way!

Do like Joseph.. Start and keep going!