Mind like a Muscle

The mind is like a muscle. Learning new things everyday on topics that expand your mind and develop your skills and improve your health.

Every day is a new opportunity to bet better. To make better choices, which will in time make it a better life. Every day is a new opportunity to take responsibility for our actions, to ask yourself honestly, can I do better?

So you might ask from where should I start? I suggest to start to improve yourself first. Be it your body and be it your mind.

Exercise in relation to Emotional Health

People who have good emotional health are aware for their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They have learned healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life.

However many things that happen in your life can disrupt your emotional health. These can lead to strong feeling of sadness, stress or anxiety. Even good or worked changes can be as stressful as unwanted changes. These things include:

Being laid of a job.

Getting divorced or married.

Suffering an illness or an injury.

Experiencing money problems.

Dealing with death of a loved one.

Having or adopting a baby.

If you are running a successful business with high expectations.

The body responds to the way you think, feel and act mind/ body connection.

Improve! Change! Deeply understand the very root of your emotions and understand why you are having them. The mind is the weakest part to start with.

Exercise promotes all kinds of changes in the brain, including neural growth, reduced inflammation and new activity patterns that promote feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Develop a strong mind and you will develop a strong life. A strong mind is built from feeding it with positive thoughts and learning new things every day, not every now and then, not for a little while. Every single day. A strong mind is built with daily gratitude. When you are grateful for everything you do have you have no room for negativity. No room for anxiety. A strong mind is built with goals. Goals that give you reason to get out of bed and attack the day.

A strong mind is knowing that you are responsible for your life, your results, your success and your failures. A strong mind is built with learning. Learning new things everyday on topics that expand your mind and develop your skills. GROWTH is the key to life. If you are growing and challenging yourself every day you will lead a happy life. If you are not, you will suffer. THE MIND IS LIKE A MUSCLE. It gets stronger when you embrace challenges, when you push it to the limits, When you learn what works and apply that to your life. A strong mind is one that surrounds itself with the right people.

Reflect deeply set clear goals, make a plan and execute.


Inspiration or Desperation

What is your reason ?

There are people who do manage to make a change and others who don’t. Failure is not an overnight experience and neither is success. Failure is the result of failing to make the calls, failing to seek advice, failure to follow through, failure to give 100%, that’s what creates failure. Success is also one step at a time, it is successfully making the call, it is successfully getting yourself up and follow through, It is successfully breaking the limits that used to stop you. It is all of a culmination of all those little successes that eventually creates room for CHANGE in your HEALTH.

I am here to tell you that if you do it everyday and focus you will improve and you will get better!

Most of us focus on ” How I cannot lose fat!?” “How come this is not working!?” If you focus on that enough it is exactly what will happen. It is all about our behaviour.

You may wonder what drove me to to study people’s behaviour to this level of depth. A lot of people ask me how you got into this Fitness and Human Behaviour. For me this is a very effective combination which helps me and my clients achieving amazing Changes and so many successful stories.

My response usually is the same that drives all of us to succeed in any experience of our life, either inspiration or desperation. For me was more desperation. I grew up in an environment I did not like and it started back as far I was in primary school for me. I remember looking around and be dissatisfied. By the way if you are dissatisfied in you health, physical appearance or even in any area of your life, instead of being frustrated, get excited.

I got to tell you something, until you are dissatisfied you do not do anything that that would take your health/ life in another level. Dissatisfaction is a game changer. If you are satisfied you are going to take a comfortable position and then your health will start to deteriorate.

I saw my father working extremely hard in the quarry for 60 to 70 hours a week and most of the time he was in pain and not taking care of his health. I could not understand why! It drove enough pain in me that I promised myself that it would not happen to me. I made it a point to help people in that situation who are so focused or entertained with all what’s going on in life and forgetting about their health. So I do not want only to help myself but also people around me.


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7 Mistakes that are hindering you to lose fat

After doing my studies and good research I listed these 7 Mistakes that are certainly hindering you to lose fat. Stop doing these and the result would be amazing.

  1. You are not creating a controlled caloric deficit.
    To lose 1 kg of fat you need to create a 7000 calories deficit. This can never be done in one or in a couple of days as a lot of people think. But the calorie deficit should be around 400 or 500 calories a day and backed up by a proper Meal Plan designed to cater all your macro nutrients. It is very important that several factors are taken into consideration when setting
    the caloric deficit such as: Medical, Fitness Level, Genetics, Daily routine, etc.
  2. You are consuming sugars or hidden sugars
    Most hidden sugars are found in carbohydrates and driving carbohydrate micronutrient into the bad micronutrient list and this is why a lot of people have the perception that carbohydrates are bad. Sugar makes your body anabolic which means in a state to store fat and this is because sugars produce insulin spikes into our body. To lose fat one can not be in an anabolic state. If you just understand this and cut out sugar from your nutrition, you already start to see results in fat loss.
  3. You like to eat food you like
    For what’s important in your life you do not do what you feel like, but you do what needs to be done. At the end of the day you are dieting and there are no shortcuts to this. I understand that there are types of food that you cannot eat, but on the other hand, there is food that you prefer from another. When following a tailor made Meal Plan you cannot just change food or try to compensate. It does not work like this. You need to just stick to the plan and keep it simple.
  4. You eat a lot after your workout
    Burning 300 calories during a workout is cause for celebration… but rewarding yourself after exercise with a high-calorie treat doesn`t add up to weight loss. You`re likely to overestimate how much the workout burned off and underestimate how much you ate.
    “Even if you`re just working out for well-being, you still have to keep calories in check” says Heidi Skolnik, author of Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance.
  5. You aren`t eating enough
    You may need to bump up your calories to stoke metabolism. When you dip below about 1,200 calories per day, not only are you not eating enough to get all your nutrients, but your body slows your metabolism in order to hold on to precious calories.
  6. You should stop drinking soft drinks, Juices (Even multivitamworkout fitness coachin Juices)
    Research suggests that diet drinks may backfire: The taste of something sweet without the calories can cause your body to hold on to calories as fat. In one study, diet-soda drinkers had a 178{2f30dbfe3776189acf88705bf11097058fd5359cdb1e09ff4682f12a82d16044} greater increase in waist circumference over 10 years, compared with non-diet-soda drinkers. “Artificial sweeteners can actually raise your insulin levels and lower
    your blood sugar, which may stimulate hunger and move existing calories into storage in your fat cells” says Sharon P. Fowler, MPH, one of the study`s coauthors.
  7. Your diet isn`t digital
    You may already know that writing down what you eat helps you automatically reduce your calorie intake, simply by making you aware of what you eat. But did you know that using a digitized program or application with positive feedback can help you lose even more? A
    study from the University of Pittsburgh finds that people who monitored their diet and exercise with a digital device that provided daily feedback lost more weight and stuck with their diet longer than those who used paper and pen. Not only that, but the high-tech group increased their fruit and veggie intake more than paper users. We are very lucky that at this day and age all this is possible!

Reflect and be accountable for yourself every day and respect yourself.



Hormones – Here is what people don’t realize

Here comes the real thing which I promised you that I will discuss in my previous Blog Post.

Hormone is the reason that is holding down your metabolism.

We have two sets of hormones:
Hormones that make you gain weight and hormones that help you lose weight.
Most mainstream advices focus on the CALORIES but they ignore the Hormone Triggers.
Instead they try to stimulate the metabolism, they try to give you appetite suppressant (Fat Burners), they try to show you that there is some type of trick to trick the metabolism or to instigate your metabolism through some type of exercise. That is never going to work in the long term.

Mariano Gym

I am going to show you the secret in my next blog post…

Online Fitness Coaching – Pt. 2

Here, in Part 2 of Online Fitness Coaching, the keyword is the cooperation; I have the required expertise in training and nutrition and  you are a unique person.  After  defining your needs, we will draft a personal, customized program for you based on your time, your commitment and your overall routine. It’s my job to stimulate and inspire you and it is your job to engage and be consistent to our mutually agreed plan. Of course the online fitness coaching is a vital thing that will be adjusted according to the progress and the goals. Once we get the engine started and you start seeing actual results on yourself; on your body, your well-being and your health and your mood, you will strive even more!

And last but not least, I value a lot our ongoing relationship and how your life changes through time after achieving your goals. I keep track on the set steps in a sensible way and we move forward. You do not become obsessed with time and accomplishment; you try your best and we tune into your physical rhythm. Your feedback is as good as your behavior; I need your response so that we develop the next steps in a realistic, good-for-you way.  You take care of yourself in the way you see fit and I am happily a part of it; I will certainly contribute my best! I will meet you at your own convenience and if you are willing to challenge yourself so that you can change your life, I am willing and able to fully support you.

Suggestions, encouragement, focus, updates, evaluation, alternates, gain, effort, well-being, satisfaction, feels good, health, nutrition, exercise, body, mind and soul are keywords for me and the customized programs I design and practice.  

online fitness coaching

Mariano Farrugia with Joel Chan

At this point that I would like to state a couple of things that I do not include in my plans and my life in general. I do not believe in One-Size-Fits-All programs; I offer personalized solutions based on each individual needs, goals, physical state and overall behavior and lifestyle. Each one of us is unique and should be treated as one and that is what I do. Whether you need healthy habits, nutrition strategy or exercise strategy, or any combination of these, I can provide for the full extend.  In addition, I have an extensive partnership network to specialize even more if you wish; if you need, for example a highly specialized exercise program, I partner with specialty training program coach Rolando Real to make sure you get what you want.  

Moreover, I do not believe in exercise exaggerations, in cutting out food groups and in nonsense, non-comprehensive, fancy pseudo-scientific talking… you won’t see me doing any of these and I really do not understand the point in doing them. I think that exaggerations in exercise make you exhausted and eventually bored and I also think that forbidding food groups is wrong; all it takes is moderation and common sense. The only thing that I avoid is the consumption (and recommendation specifically) of superpower diet food and drinks that promise to “detox” and “cleanse”. About the fancy, pseudo-scientific staff, I consider it a great waste of time and effort.

I focus on the positive aspects of what I do and these include health, feel-good, lean physique, personal motivation and satisfaction.