Most Important Fitness Goals

fitness goalsGoals are one of the most important things in life. In my opinion one cannot live without goals, as life is all about setting goals and doing your very best to materialise them. In all aspects of life we have goals. We can even set goals subconsciously in all aspects of life. Be it relationships, family, life, health, fitness etc.
Without goals there is no reason and there is no life let alone energy and focus for improvement in reaching goals. In fitness, goals are simply important especially to be consistent. To be consistent in fitness goals, one should be consistent. Through my experience into fitness and every day meeting people from all walks of life I can say that goals vary from one individual to another. Although goals vary from individuals to another there are always common goals.

What I am going to explain here is what in my opinion really keeps someone going and be consistent into fitness. This is what I was doing these last 10 years and I am still doing this.
I like to split goals in two types of goals, short term goals and long term goals. I always create a roadmap for 1 year (long term goal) then a 3 months goal (short term goals) monthly (shorter) and weekly (even shorter).

As you may already guess the one year goal would be to improve my fitness level and after consulting with some friends of mine in my same industry I set clear and realistic goal that I have to reach by end of year.

The 3 months goal would be to follow a 3 months planned and structured nutrition and training plan along with cheat meals and rest days. The monthly goal is basically a part of the 3 months goal and the 1 week goal is a part of the one week goal.

Just keep it simple.



Make the right decision

Keep this between you and yourself… How often did you promise yourself that you want to start taking care of your health, look and feel better? You are waiting for the right time in your life to start to take this seriously? You are waiting for motivation to present itself in front of you right?

It is never the right time and motivation is not coming to knock at your door.

It was never really at the top of your list. You never took yourself seriously. Maybe one day you will start, maybe. When you look in the mirror you feel that you do not look good and as you really wish or when you go up the stairs you feel that you are unfit and your body is not functioning well.

Your body is continuously imploring you and sending you endless signals to start taking care of it.

fitness coach“It” that’s what it will become, it. You are so detached from your body that you refer to your body by “it” not “yourself” . If you really are in harmony with yourself and you have your health at heart and you respect yourself you would never do what you are doing to yourself. Just make a decision, be accountable and understanding.

Stop trying to find excuses and leave procrastination behind.

online fitness plan

Online Fitness Coaching – Pt. 1

Online fitness coaching is much like being trained by an expert in a gym but it is easily accessible from any device at any time and location. It sounds good, isn’t it? Of course it does! It is fully supported and it is updated and moderated when necessary. It is a personalized plan of exercise and nutrition, which is drafted upon your own set of goals. The only difference with the gym personal trainer is that no one is around when you are actually training, so instant technique correction and critic are not available. That of course is not necessarily a disadvantage; it can intrigue your inner motivation and personal commitment much more than having someone constantly over your shoulders. In addition it is a more appealing option for our hectic, busy and fast-paced lifestyle; don’t you think so?

Now, let’s have a clear view of what a complete online coaching program is about; at least as I view it as an experienced personal trainer for nearly a decade now. I have been working with several individuals from a great variety of social, professional, economic and educational background and at various ages and I have developed hundreds of communication and cooperation patterns.

The one thing I can tell you for sure is that no matter the respective goals and objectives of each individual, they all share one thing; the need for inspiration and the need to feel good about themselves.

That is the point of online fitness coaching from my perspective and I feel so lucky that I have experienced it hundreds of times up to now. Seeing the personal satisfaction when someone reaches up to their goal is priceless; and this is my personal reward that keeps me going.  

online fitness coaching

When I draft an online fitness coaching plan in practice, the first and most important thing is the initial communication and conversation. You have to be open, honest and clear about your target goals and the online coach can help you define and express them; then it is easier to put things in action milestones and plan accordingly.

I have witnessed several times individuals who have so many things in mind and they are so mixed, that they just need an outsider to help them set things straight and then put them in order. Often it is much easier to have an external view with a clean eye to assist in setting these and set personal goals. The rapid lifestyle of all humans and the continuous rush to do everything usually comes with the cost of self-care and that’s where online fitness coaching comes in. And suddenly things get better; someone is there to help you with personalized guidance and progress, and extensive, updated knowledge. You just need to be confident, clear and willing about it; the first step is the most important!

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summer body quick fix will not guide you to your fitness goals

Are you ready for Summer?

‘Are you ready for summer?’ – How many times have you seen this phrase each and every year when the summer months start approaching? Everywhere you look; the internet, television, magazines. All you hear about is getting your ‘summer body’ ready! A lot of gyms and personal trainers promote an easy and fast way to lose fat and tone up for summer. Well, if you ask me, all this is just a waste of time! I know this might not sound very encouraging to those who are still hoping to achieve their fitness goals in two months’ time, but it’s the truth. Believing that you can change your body and become fitter in such a short time frame is not realistic at all and this is what often leads to people giving up when they realise that they cannot achieve their goals. Things aren’t as simple as attaining a ‘summer body’ in a couple of months. There are a number of factors which one must take into consideration, such as; What is your current fat level? What is your current muscle maturity? What type of physique are you aiming for? You must know where you are starting from and where you want to get to.

Do you plan to get in shape for just the summer months and then let all your time and effort go to waste once winter sets in? Most people will answer that they would not want to throw their hard work away and that is why instead of aiming for a ‘quick fix’ one must aim for a more sustainable approach which requires consistency over a longer period of time.

The first step in working towards having the body you want is to envision your goals and then start following a tailor-made package which includes both a training programme and nutrition plan. The package should provide you with a realistic approach to reaching your goals. My clients each follow a programme which is suited to their own personal needs. Every four weeks their weight is monitored as well as their fat, muscle and water level. In this way we can monitor their progress and tweak the programme accordingly.

So my advice to you would be to forget about cramming your change in lifestyle into a couple of weeks, as the chances of you being successful are slim. Instead opt for a long-term change which will not only have you attain a ‘summer body’ but a body which you feel more comfortable in all year long! This is what my packages are aimed at and what my clients are working towards!