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What comes to your mind by the fitness? Well if it’s not much maybe you did not give much thought about it during your life or at this point in time. It is easy to relate your answer to your present fitness state. If it is just to look and feel good well you can consider my present perception to fitness and what’s my take on this.

When someone is considering either to start to introduce himself to fitness or even take it to the next step it has to be a holistic approach in relation to your emotions. More often than not if someone for example is overweight and is getting fat, fat is not the problem to the contrary what many think. The fat is the symptoms of the problem. When I work with my clients and get into a deeper level of understanding the real problem usually the problem would be an emotional problem. It would be no sense to just start training and nutrition without understanding the problem and addressing the real issue.

More often than not it would be an emotional problem derived from one of the following:

1) Career, work and business

2) relationship with family, partner or colleagues

3) Health itself and Physical appearance.

There are two Primary key factors we need to address:

  • Know exactly why and how you are doing what you are doing. This is like anything else in life. The human mind is not designed to keep doing something not knowing why you are doing it and not knowing how to do it for a long time. Maybe for a couple of months but then it will lose focus. So it is very important to get to understand the real problem and to get to know your real why. Then design accurately your how. This is where a Trainer/ Life coach comes in.
  • Progress brings happiness right? This is in all aspects of life. If you harness both your physical fitness and your emotional fitness simultaneously there you will be on the right track for a proactive approach even on the hardest of times that life will throw at you at some point in time. This will eventually make it possible to progress to come in place with those little daily wins which you will be able to make on a daily basis by mastering your physical and psychological fitness at your best possible. This will transpires in your best performances in your day today life.

You might ask: “So what do you do exactly?”

Among other things my work is not only to train your body. It’s to help YOU understanding the problem and design best approach possible, together we will re-wire your brain to be the best you can be.  Be it an Executive level CEO, a pizza maker or an Engineer working at the highest level of your industry.

Hope you found this for your help and thanks for following. If you found this interesting I would appreciate if you would share it with three of your friends and let’s make people understand what fitness is really about.


Inspiration or Desperation

What is your reason ?

There are people who do manage to make a change and others who don’t. Failure is not an overnight experience and neither is success. Failure is the result of failing to make the calls, failing to seek advice, failure to follow through, failure to give 100%, that’s what creates failure. Success is also one step at a time, it is successfully making the call, it is successfully getting yourself up and follow through, It is successfully breaking the limits that used to stop you. It is all of a culmination of all those little successes that eventually creates room for CHANGE in your HEALTH.

I am here to tell you that if you do it everyday and focus you will improve and you will get better!

Most of us focus on ” How I cannot lose fat!?” “How come this is not working!?” If you focus on that enough it is exactly what will happen. It is all about our behaviour.

You may wonder what drove me to to study people’s behaviour to this level of depth. A lot of people ask me how you got into this Fitness and Human Behaviour. For me this is a very effective combination which helps me and my clients achieving amazing Changes and so many successful stories.

My response usually is the same that drives all of us to succeed in any experience of our life, either inspiration or desperation. For me was more desperation. I grew up in an environment I did not like and it started back as far I was in primary school for me. I remember looking around and be dissatisfied. By the way if you are dissatisfied in you health, physical appearance or even in any area of your life, instead of being frustrated, get excited.

I got to tell you something, until you are dissatisfied you do not do anything that that would take your health/ life in another level. Dissatisfaction is a game changer. If you are satisfied you are going to take a comfortable position and then your health will start to deteriorate.

I saw my father working extremely hard in the quarry for 60 to 70 hours a week and most of the time he was in pain and not taking care of his health. I could not understand why! It drove enough pain in me that I promised myself that it would not happen to me. I made it a point to help people in that situation who are so focused or entertained with all what’s going on in life and forgetting about their health. So I do not want only to help myself but also people around me.


fitness coach

How to make fitness an enjoyable lifestyle

Lifestyle in simple terms is what we do with our life every single day. With every single decision we take
everyday indirectly or directly we effect our lifestyle. It is easy to end up living a life which you do not want to live or you never imagined yourself that you would have allowed yourself to find yourself in. This all happens due to our decisions. Decisions form our lifestyle. These can differ from the most complicated emotional decision to the simplest basic decision such as why you are here.

Charachter and self discipline contribute a lot into our lifestyle. This makes us all different and different
people having different lifestyles. We are what we think to be right?
Well so how come a lot of people end up living a life that they do not really want to live and do a things which they do not want to do? For example people who everyday wake up sad because they do not like their job. Others who work a lot of extra hours to buy things to please people who do not like and more. I am sure you know what I mean as this is very common. This might is already happening to you or to someone you know right?
Life is very simple and easy but we human beings like to complicated a lot and when I am saying a lot it
means a lot take for instance how many passwords we have to remember in our lif nowadays or to take 3
days leave (time from your own life)…

In my opinion lifestyle starts from the state of the mind and body. Not body and then mind but mind first. You can never and ever have a sound body without a sound mind and that’s why lifestyle is so important. Your lifestyle determines your state of mind and your state of mind determines your body and your body determines your HEALTH which is the only thing that you really own in this world.
Sometimes I hear people complaining and moaning about a lot of things that they do not want to do but still they keep doing in order to achieve something they want. For example there are people who hate going at the gym and train surrounded by a lot of people, occupied machines, staying in traffic till they get to the gym and so on… But keep doing this to keep fit and healthy which is contradictory in the first place as this is stressing the mind to try to improve the body, strange right?
fitness coach

YOU CANNOT HAVE A GOOD FUTURE WITH A GOOD PRESENT. You cannot expect to have good results with a negative approach. You need to listen to yourself and be realistic.

If you do not enjoy going to the gym and working out to keep fit and healthy then it’s simple DON’T. There are million ways one can incorporate training with his particular lifestyle. A well combination of combined activities and nutrition can get amazing results with a good state of mind. To have a good state of mind is 70% of the equation into getting fit and healthy, what remains would be a tailor made nutrition and physical activity plan and stick to it.
Only by enjoying what you do you can be good at what you do. Learn to find or let someone help you in finding what you enjoy to do to make your training more enjoyable to maintain your fitness in good state in the long term.
Give more value to yourself … Improve your health and never take it for granted like what probably you are
doing right now!


Online Fitness Coaching – Pt. 2

Here, in Part 2 of Online Fitness Coaching, the keyword is the cooperation; I have the required expertise in training and nutrition and  you are a unique person.  After  defining your needs, we will draft a personal, customized program for you based on your time, your commitment and your overall routine. It’s my job to stimulate and inspire you and it is your job to engage and be consistent to our mutually agreed plan. Of course the online fitness coaching is a vital thing that will be adjusted according to the progress and the goals. Once we get the engine started and you start seeing actual results on yourself; on your body, your well-being and your health and your mood, you will strive even more!

And last but not least, I value a lot our ongoing relationship and how your life changes through time after achieving your goals. I keep track on the set steps in a sensible way and we move forward. You do not become obsessed with time and accomplishment; you try your best and we tune into your physical rhythm. Your feedback is as good as your behavior; I need your response so that we develop the next steps in a realistic, good-for-you way.  You take care of yourself in the way you see fit and I am happily a part of it; I will certainly contribute my best! I will meet you at your own convenience and if you are willing to challenge yourself so that you can change your life, I am willing and able to fully support you.

Suggestions, encouragement, focus, updates, evaluation, alternates, gain, effort, well-being, satisfaction, feels good, health, nutrition, exercise, body, mind and soul are keywords for me and the customized programs I design and practice.  

online fitness coaching

Mariano Farrugia with Joel Chan

At this point that I would like to state a couple of things that I do not include in my plans and my life in general. I do not believe in One-Size-Fits-All programs; I offer personalized solutions based on each individual needs, goals, physical state and overall behavior and lifestyle. Each one of us is unique and should be treated as one and that is what I do. Whether you need healthy habits, nutrition strategy or exercise strategy, or any combination of these, I can provide for the full extend.  In addition, I have an extensive partnership network to specialize even more if you wish; if you need, for example a highly specialized exercise program, I partner with specialty training program coach Rolando Real to make sure you get what you want.  

Moreover, I do not believe in exercise exaggerations, in cutting out food groups and in nonsense, non-comprehensive, fancy pseudo-scientific talking… you won’t see me doing any of these and I really do not understand the point in doing them. I think that exaggerations in exercise make you exhausted and eventually bored and I also think that forbidding food groups is wrong; all it takes is moderation and common sense. The only thing that I avoid is the consumption (and recommendation specifically) of superpower diet food and drinks that promise to “detox” and “cleanse”. About the fancy, pseudo-scientific staff, I consider it a great waste of time and effort.

I focus on the positive aspects of what I do and these include health, feel-good, lean physique, personal motivation and satisfaction.


fresh juice

Smoothies and shakes my way

It is always a good time to talk about smoothies and shakes, as the healthier food choices in your balanced diet. Eating habits and inactive lifestyle are the main causes of the poor health condition. Therefore, all my guided fitness plans are including suggestions regarding food intake.

As I always recommend to my clients, smoothies and shakes can be considered as the post-workout meal, nutritional vitamin bomb or even a dessert!

Smoothies and shakes are real food choices, usually made out of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, which can include a protein powder as well.  

So, as soon as you supply yourself with a blender, it is good to know where to start from and which ingredients to have in mind.



The ingredients for a healthy smoothie or shake:

  • Start with the ice, with the amount you prefer… somehow these drink meals are more refreshing when chilled
  • Protein powders: they are boosting the good quality proteins in your shake, but these are just a part of the recipe, which are improving the overall nutrient levels. Means, these are always a part of the good smoothie or shake, that gives the density and a bit of taste.
  • Pick a vegetable: choose the ones that will supply you with lots of fiber, dark-coloured ones like carrots, beets or broccoli. These ones will for sure improve the taste!
  • Try out some healthy fat options: nuts, seeds or peanut butter are highly recommended, to keep you feel more full. Tip: avocados are full of healthy fats that will help you burn the body fat!
  • Pick a fruit: the sweet ones like bananas, pineapples and peaches are definitely improving the taste, but if you are on a weight loss programme, You should keep the veggie to fruit ratio 3:1.
  • Top off with the liquid: there are many healthy options, as coconut or almond milk, where you can add even more good fats to your shake.

These are my guidelines for a healthy meal in the form of smoothie or shake. All you need to do is to find some time to plan your time in the kitchen and to dedicate yourself for this type of fresh and healthy food in everyday diet plan.

For all consultations I would be more than happy to give you some more detailed guidelines, with an idea of the proper tailor made exercise plan. I guarantee the weight loss programme will give the expected results!

Send your favorite smoothie and shake recipes and photos, and tell us your story… we would gladly share them with our club`s community!