Getting into Shape After Baby

I would rather say getting in shape before, during and after baby. This would be much more straightforward and would take less time and effort. For those who could not or did not trained and maintained a well balanced nutrition during pregnancy and now want to get back on track I am going to land some good tips which one can start doing immediately.

Tip 1. reduce salt and sodium intake and start to drink more water (water only and no soft drinks or other drinks not even juices). There is a tendency that after pregnancy you hold water and you need to take your water retention off. In the human body we have a hormone called aldosterone, it regulates water level beneath the skin. Sodium plays a n important role when it comes to water retention. One need to keep sodium level low so as to keep aldosterone level constant and water retention at bay.

Tip 2. Stop thinking how much weight you need to lose and how much you ate during pregnancy. Just stop thinking and start doing. It is very important at this stage to seek professional advice on nutrition and training plans. With respect to nutrition it is important that there will be professional guidance especially if you are lactating as food will affect the milk’s profile so as to avoid any interactions.

Tip 3. Training should be well planned concise and specific according to your body type and your present fitness level taking in consideration if the birth was natural or cesarean as this dictates the training approach. Only and I repeat only this way training can be doable and sustainable in the long term. Now more than ever you cannot afford an incorrect training approach which can result in any undesired injuries or any other complications as your body is still recovering from pregnancy, especially if during pregnancy you were not doing any physical activity at all.

Tip 4. Get yourself into a routine. At his time it is very difficult, especially that the baby is needy more than ever, you still need to make and stick to a routine as this by time will enable to you and your baby a structured sleeping routine as at this time and for any fat loss process sleep and good rest is very important. With no sleep the body will not recover and thus will hinder the fat burning process.

Tip 5. Consult with your doctor and monitor your progress with a professional so as to monitor progress and keeping safe from any possible injuries and keep strengthening those muscle fibres which were inactive during pregnancy.

The most important thing to understand here is that now you need to take care of your body more than ever and be willing to take a stand and start being active!

Be accountable to yourself and to your child.




Hormones – Here is what people don’t realize

Here comes the real thing which I promised you that I will discuss in my previous Blog Post.

Hormone is the reason that is holding down your metabolism.

We have two sets of hormones:
Hormones that make you gain weight and hormones that help you lose weight.
Most mainstream advices focus on the CALORIES but they ignore the Hormone Triggers.
Instead they try to stimulate the metabolism, they try to give you appetite suppressant (Fat Burners), they try to show you that there is some type of trick to trick the metabolism or to instigate your metabolism through some type of exercise. That is never going to work in the long term.

Mariano Gym

I am going to show you the secret in my next blog post…