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What really stops you from losing weight

The Insulin Hormone. A lot of people know this as relating to diabetes, but it has another function. It is the hormone that puts fat not only on your body, but mainly on your midsection. It also prevents you from losing weight, it’s called the fat storage hormone and here is what people don’t realise…

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It means that even if you consume half a glass of juice, glass of wine or even a piece of fruit you will not lose weight until the next 48 hours. Having said this I am not saying one should not consume fruit. What I am saying is that when one wants to lose fat should not consume any type of sugar.

So when you see a person with belly fat you can be 100{2f30dbfe3776189acf88705bf11097058fd5359cdb1e09ff4682f12a82d16044} sure that that person has too much insulin. WHEN INSULIN GOES UP A PERSON GAINS WEIGHT – WHEN INSULIN GOES DOWN A PERSON LOSES WEIGHT. We need to create the absence of insulin to lose weight.

In my next Blog I will be discussing this in more detail!

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I expect to lose weight!

“ I expect to lose weight! “ This is what a so called frustrated client told Jake, one of my Trainers, this morning…

One need to really understand that to lose weight / fat is the most unnatural thing for the body. It’s do not get fat in the first place. In know this will sound negative for you but it`s the simple truth and I am honestly not intending to portray what people do want to hear like everyone is doing out there.

Here I want to make things clear and tackle Fat Loss in real terms with a real and holistic point of view

PEOPLE DON’T LOSE WEIGHT TO GET HEALTHY. THEY HAVE TO GET HEALTHY TO LOSE WEIGHT. IT’S GET HEALTHY FIRST AND THEN LOSE THE WEIGHT SECOND. Why ? Because your weight is the symptom, it’s not the cause. It’s the symptom of an unhealthy body. Losing weight, it is actually very unnatural to the body, your body doesn’t like to lose weight. It goes against its purpose to survive. So the weight is the tip of the iceberg. The real thing is something that is making you fat.

There are two main factors happening in the body which makes you fat and these are Hormonal changes, Insulin and lack of circulation.

In the coming Blog I will be tackling these subjects into detail so as everyone out there can be aware of what is happening in his/her body.Mariano Farrugia

The good thing is that with the progress happening in the fitness industry we are very well informed how to make our body healthier and how to lose fat and keep it at bay. Sadly this is not what the social media is portraying. Fitness in general is lacking self respect through social Media. This is my point of view as it is Fitness Models showcasing their abs all year round and portraying a lot of one size fits all approaches and a lot of unspoken truth.

Think. Make good choices and then take concrete actions.

Be accountable


Fat Loss Results

Fat Loss: One of the most common problems amongst clients

When I opened my Fitness Centre and new clients started to enrol in my programs, I quickly understood that the most common problem faced by many is that of Fat Loss. I researched as much as possible and learnt a lot about this aspect of fitness.  I did this so as to be able to help my clients as best as possible in obtaining the results they aim to achieve. With time and through experience I have developed effective principles which ultimately help people to lose weight.

First it is important to set goals which do not have weight-loss as the main aim.

Sometimes the scales will not always show a decrease in weight even though you are following a training and nutrition program. This might result in you seeing the scales as your enemy and you are very likely to lose your confidence. For this reason it is better to set goals which you can have control over. Once you have decided on a goal then declare it, work hard for it and when you have reached that goal, set another. Remember you cannot expect your weight-loss journey to be perfect. If for some reason you find yourself off-track just get right back on. Don’t let yourself sabotage the rest of the day, week or month. It’s like getting a flat tyre – you fix it and move on not slash the other three!

To lose weight you are going to have to make a number of life changes. Make sure you have the support you need. While you do not need to publicly showcase your journey, it is important that you share your struggles and achievements with people who you trust and who care about you. Another important aspect which many people often forget is stress management! When we are stressed our bodies find it more difficult to burn fat. Find an outlet where you can relieve your stress such as kickboxing, yoga, sports or even simply writing in a journal. The important thing is that you relieve pent-up tension and energy. This is something I give a lot of importance to as from experience I feel it plays a substantial role in real transformations and nowadays this is what gives me satisfaction rather than my competitive results!