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Online Fitness Coaching – Pt. 1

Online fitness coaching is much like being trained by an expert in a gym but it is easily accessible from any device at any time and location. It sounds good, isn’t it? Of course it does! It is fully supported and it is updated and moderated when necessary. It is a personalized plan of exercise and nutrition, which is drafted upon your own set of goals. The only difference with the gym personal trainer is that no one is around when you are actually training, so instant technique correction and critic are not available. That of course is not necessarily a disadvantage; it can intrigue your inner motivation and personal commitment much more than having someone constantly over your shoulders. In addition it is a more appealing option for our hectic, busy and fast-paced lifestyle; don’t you think so?

Now, let’s have a clear view of what a complete online coaching program is about; at least as I view it as an experienced personal trainer for nearly a decade now. I have been working with several individuals from a great variety of social, professional, economic and educational background and at various ages and I have developed hundreds of communication and cooperation patterns.

The one thing I can tell you for sure is that no matter the respective goals and objectives of each individual, they all share one thing; the need for inspiration and the need to feel good about themselves.

That is the point of online fitness coaching from my perspective and I feel so lucky that I have experienced it hundreds of times up to now. Seeing the personal satisfaction when someone reaches up to their goal is priceless; and this is my personal reward that keeps me going.  

online fitness coaching

When I draft an online fitness coaching plan in practice, the first and most important thing is the initial communication and conversation. You have to be open, honest and clear about your target goals and the online coach can help you define and express them; then it is easier to put things in action milestones and plan accordingly.

I have witnessed several times individuals who have so many things in mind and they are so mixed, that they just need an outsider to help them set things straight and then put them in order. Often it is much easier to have an external view with a clean eye to assist in setting these and set personal goals. The rapid lifestyle of all humans and the continuous rush to do everything usually comes with the cost of self-care and that’s where online fitness coaching comes in. And suddenly things get better; someone is there to help you with personalized guidance and progress, and extensive, updated knowledge. You just need to be confident, clear and willing about it; the first step is the most important!

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Online Coaching-What is it?

Online coaching seems to be the new trend nowadays but what does it mean exactly? Well, online coaching is the equivalent of following a tailor-made training programme and nutrition guide which if followed consistently will allow you to achieve your fitness goals. The prime difference though between online coaching and coaching in the conventional sense is obviously that you can access your training programme and nutrition guide online without being restricted to having to be with your trainer. This does not mean that you will not have the required support as this will also be readily available online. This type of coaching is ideal for those that are busy and do not have fixed routines. It is also ideal for those who travel regularly! Another advantage of online coaching is that it is less expensive. Personal trainers with a good reputation and who are capable of delivering results are often fully booked therefore new clients may find it difficult to book a session. Due to an increase in demand the price of such individual sessions is bound to rise which results in many people not being able to afford a personal trainer (some trainers in the UK charge up to £150 per hour). Many of these same trainers will be able wo provide a month-long online training programme for the same cost as just one hour of training with them.

When following an online training and nutrition programme delivered to you by a personal trainer, you have the ability to access your workout on your mobile at any time and at any location. This means there are no restrictions such as gym opening times. On-going support is part of online coaching. Many online trainers provide comprehensive online support in the form of emails, dietary guidelines and the ability to have your weekly food journal assessed. This way you are guaranteed personal attention throughout your journey. Like with everything in life there are the pros and the cons. As one can imagine one of the cons of online coaching is there is no one to make sure you are using the correct technique while training but for those that lead a busy lifestyle and have no time to fit in an appointment with their trainer at the gym, then online coaching is the only viable way in which they can lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals. Having an online coach gives you a fresh perspective on how to reach these goals and will also guide you towards them which means no more guesswork! This will lead to less waste of time. Your online coach will give you a step by step training programme and a detailed nutrition plan and you can focus on getting started without worrying if what you are doing is wrong or right!

In my online coaching programmes I don’t believe that one size fits all. My programmes are specifically designed according to your needs and previous level of fitness. My job is to work with you to figure out what the best step forward is in terms of nutrition plans and training strategies. My online packages do not include strict diets or endless exercise. The aim is to get results without living in the gym. My programmes definitely do not include any of these overpriced diet drinks and foods! Having said all this, the overused excuse ‘I don’t have time’ no longer applies when it comes to taking the decision to change your lifestyle for the better. Check out my online packages and let’s get started!