no carbs and nutrition

‘No Carbs?’

Despite what many would have you believe, today whilst I was reviewing the results of a client of mine I noticed that she did not improve in her physical fitness. I questioned my client to see what’s going on as I was sure that she is one of my most dedicated clients and this was very unusual in fact it’s the first time that happened in 9 months.

Her answer:

“I followed the nutrition except for carbs, as whilst I was surfing on the internet on various occasions I read about carbs making you fat”

So we have to make this clear.

Carbs alone aren’t what will make you fat.

The process of converting carbs to fat is called De Novo Lipogenesis.

Glucose gets turned into lipids, which then get stored as body fat.

Converting carbs to fat typically doesn’t happen to a large extent.

Here’s why.

  1. Your body stores carbs you eat as glycogen, BEFORE attempting to store it as body fat.
  2. The metabolism also increases with increased carbs, in an attempt to burn these excess calories.

An average person has the ability to store roughly 500 grams (2,000 calories) worth of carbs in their skeletal muscles and liver.

When you exercise, it tends to empty out a portion of the glycogen stored in your muscles and liver.

Carbs you eat throughout the day will get used for fuel.

After that…

…any excess carbs will begin to replenish glycogen in the muscles.

Only AFTER all of this will carbs get turned into fat. So do not rush in your nutrition approach as soon as you hear a statement. One need to understand details prior to taking decisions like in all aspects of life!

real results getting better is getting better!

It’s been a while since I posted my last blog. At the moment I am focusing on team building here at my fitness centre as the more time goes by, the more I am realising and appreciating the importance of a good team!.

Needless to say these amazing results over here are not only backed up by myself. Over here we are growing and getting better in  what we do, step by step, and learning from each other everyday.  We are hungry to learn, keen to get better, grasp and take note of the benefits which experience is giving us every day over here!

Team building is very important so as to maintain consistency and good communication. Every day is an adventure which we all take very seriously and live it as part of our life over here. Lately it’s been very busy and the Club (Mariano Club) is getting bigger and better day by day; and so is the team. Today I had a friendly workout as that’s what I call it , when I train with a friend of mine who happened to be one of my colleagues.

Chatting and training sometimes is fun, especially when you have been training with that person for a long time. Ok, there are those days when I want, or rather need, to train alone and there are various reasons for this, such as to unwind, to focus, or even to be even more focused and push harder. This morning was chatting and training.

Jake and I have known each other for years now and we became colleagues around two years ago. We work together and both do our best to help clients. There are times where we do not agree on everything and there are times that we communicate without even a single word, it’s like we have the same line of thought. Today whilst we were doing our workout we were discussing the progress of our client Diane Parnis whom Jake has been following and still is.

The result speaks for itself and for us these results are the motivation which gives us even more motivation, practically every single day.

Time to go for my second part of the day; consultations…

*good Team * Good results.. This is what we do! It’s REAL..

summer body quick fix will not guide you to your fitness goals

Are you ready for Summer?

‘Are you ready for summer?’ – How many times have you seen this phrase each and every year when the summer months start approaching? Everywhere you look; the internet, television, magazines. All you hear about is getting your ‘summer body’ ready! A lot of gyms and personal trainers promote an easy and fast way to lose fat and tone up for summer. Well, if you ask me, all this is just a waste of time! I know this might not sound very encouraging to those who are still hoping to achieve their fitness goals in two months’ time, but it’s the truth. Believing that you can change your body and become fitter in such a short time frame is not realistic at all and this is what often leads to people giving up when they realise that they cannot achieve their goals. Things aren’t as simple as attaining a ‘summer body’ in a couple of months. There are a number of factors which one must take into consideration, such as; What is your current fat level? What is your current muscle maturity? What type of physique are you aiming for? You must know where you are starting from and where you want to get to.

Do you plan to get in shape for just the summer months and then let all your time and effort go to waste once winter sets in? Most people will answer that they would not want to throw their hard work away and that is why instead of aiming for a ‘quick fix’ one must aim for a more sustainable approach which requires consistency over a longer period of time.

The first step in working towards having the body you want is to envision your goals and then start following a tailor-made package which includes both a training programme and nutrition plan. The package should provide you with a realistic approach to reaching your goals. My clients each follow a programme which is suited to their own personal needs. Every four weeks their weight is monitored as well as their fat, muscle and water level. In this way we can monitor their progress and tweak the programme accordingly.

So my advice to you would be to forget about cramming your change in lifestyle into a couple of weeks, as the chances of you being successful are slim. Instead opt for a long-term change which will not only have you attain a ‘summer body’ but a body which you feel more comfortable in all year long! This is what my packages are aimed at and what my clients are working towards!

Metabolism Mystery – Solved

It’s not the first time I’ve heard people complaining that no matter what they eat and how much time they spend working out, their weight never seems to decrease as much as desired. These same complaints are often followed by references to people who seem to be blessed with some sort of super power, and despite making less of an effort, their body stays in top form. So, what is this super power, you ask? It’s nothing but metabolism and luckily for all us, this can be boosted. In this blog post I will give you guidance on how this can be done.

First let’s start with some facts:

  1. Metabolism means the number of calories which your body can burn while you’re not doing physical activities
  2. The calories are burnt through natural functions which our bodies undertake i.e. circulating blood, pumping oxygen
  3. 70% of the calories the body burns everyday are up to metabolism

Aspects which are beyond our control:

  1. The older you get, the more your metabolism slows down.
  2. Your body shape also affects how fast your metabolism is.
  3. Genetics also play an important part in this game.

Now that the truths about what we cannot control are out, it’s high time we look on the positive side of things and check out what we can actually take control of.

When it comes to metabolism, one thing which is directly connected is one’s muscle mass. This can be altered and improved by paying very careful attention to your diet and exercise routine. It’s important to bear in mind that skeletal muscle requires a lot of energy to be maintained, and your body uses calories to do so. The suggestions which I’m about to share with you cover the 2 most essential aspects of weight loss and muscle building; Nutrition and Training


Increase your Protein Intake – If your aim is to boost metabolism you should be eating protein more often. This helps you to increase your muscle growth and repair, hence speeding your metabolism. Ideally you would avoid taking all the protein at one go and instead dividing it equally throughout different meals.

Don’t Diet All Year Round – Various cases of people who diet all year round have shown that constantly following a strict diet forces your body to start preserving energy. In turn, your body will start burning less calories. I recommend spending as many weeks off your diet as the amount of weeks you spend on a diet.


Go for High-Intensity Exercise – Interval or circuit training increase the amount of oxygen you consume. Your metabolism is affected by this because your body keeps burning calories for up to 48 hours after your workout is over.

Hit the Gym – By following a well-planned structure of weight training, you can also continue boosting your metabolism. Such exercises cause muscle damage which is directly related to muscle growth. After an energy-consuming session of resistance training, it is known that the rate at which your metabolism works can go up to 9% for as much as 15 hours.

As everything else in life, boosting your metabolism requires attention and dedication but with the right tools you can most certainly see a shift in how your body looks. If you require further guidance do not hesitate to contact me.. Otherwise, if you prefer to improve the way your body looks from the comfort of your own home, you can take one of the online packages which I offer: